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What is the COP of the Adlår heat pump?

What is the COP of the Adlår heat pump? | Adlår Castra warmtepomp

A7w35: 4,93

The consumption of a heat pump is expressed in COP – Coefficient of Performance. The COP is the ratio between the amount of heat emitted by the heat pump and that pump’s electricity consumption. At 100% efficiency, the COP is 1.0. Whatever electrical energy is put in comes out as heat.

The COP of the heat pump Adlår Aurora II (6 kW) is up to 5.92. The higher the COP, the less electricity is used and the more economical the heat pump is. So the efficiency of the heat pump is higher with a higher COP.

This can be calculated by this formula:

Wat vertelt de COP en SCOP over het rendement van de warmtepomp? - GeoTherma

Adlår: 592 kWh/100kWh = 5,92 COP

The average efficiency of a central heating boiler is 90% with a COP of 0.9. An Adlår Aurora II heat pump (6 kW) is thus 5.92 times more efficient than the traditional central heating boiler.


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