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About us

About us | Adlår warmtepompen warmtepomp

We are Adlår Castra

Adlår Castra has been a new innovative player in the world of heat pumps for several years now. We are a young team with experienced central heating and heat pump technicians. Adlår Castra is located in Zwolle. With our own installation and service team, we have been visiting consumers throughout the Netherlands for years.

The common thread that runs through Adlår Castra: offering attractive heat pumps at a really fair price. Our own Adlår installation team ensures expert installation and maintenance.

Our vision

Our goal is to be an attractive and appealing brand, offering well-designed, affordable and reliable heat pumps for consumers. We want our customers to see us as a reliable and leading provider of renewable energy solutions, and we are determined to grow our brand by continuing to focus on quality, affordability and customer satisfaction.

We strive to help our customers transition to renewable energy by providing them with high-quality products and excellent service. We want our customers to see us as a reliable and committed partner supporting them every step of their sustainable energy journey.

About us | Adlår warmtepompen warmtepomp
About us | Adlår warmtepompen warmtepomp

Our mission

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to renewable energy by making it affordable for households in Western Europe. We understand that the transition to renewable energy is crucial for the future of our planet and we believe that everyone should have access to affordable and sustainable energy solutions.

That is why we offer a range of high-quality and cost-effective heat pumps designed to help households reduce their CO2 emissions and save money on their energy bills. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and support, and we are determined to help them make the switch to renewable energy as easy and seamless as possible.

Adlår Social Impact Program

At Adlår Castra, we strive to bring warmth into everyone’s lives. This is what you’ll often hear us say at Adlår Castra and what we are only too happy to get involved in. Our heat pumps not only provide heat, but also help us make society a better place. We are committed to lending a hand to our local, regional and national communities. And given the challenging times we live in, we want to do our part to make a positive impact.

Through our Adlår Social Impact Program, we support various charities in the Netherlands and abroad. You can choose which charity you want to support! How exactly does it work? Every kg of CO2 we save together goes to a good cause. Keep an eye on our website for the CO2 savings meter!

About us | Adlår warmtepompen warmtepomp

You can choose from the following goals:

About us | Adlår warmtepompen warmtepomp

Heat pump directly from the factory

At Adlår Castra, we believe that switching to renewable energy should be affordable and accessible to all. That is why we have developed a new approach to selling heat pumps that bypasses the traditional model of factory, wholesaler, distributor and installer.

We sell our heat pumps directly to consumers through our webshop, with no middlemen. This means we can offer our products thousands of euros cheaper than traditional heat pumps, without compromising on quality or reliability.

The result is that our customers can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy without the high costs often associated with traditional heat pumps. At Adlår Castra, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and service. We are proud to help them make the switch to renewable energy.

SDG 7: Affordable and sustainable energy

At Adlår Castra, we are passionate about creating a sustainable future for all. We believe that the transition to sustainable energy is an important step towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

In particular SDG 7: affordable and clean energy.

By providing our customers with high-quality heat pumps powered by renewable energy sources, we not only help them save money, but also reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet. At Adlår Castra, we remain committed to promoting renewable energy and supporting the goals of SDG7.

Adlår Castra works with local governments, non-profit organisations and other stakeholders to support causes such as The Ocean Clean Up, Salvation Army, KWF Cancer Society, World Wildlife Fund and our own Adlår Social Warmth Program. With our Adlår Social Impact Programme, we also focus on Sustainable Development Goal SDG 11: sustainable cities and communities. We want to contribute to a better world by improving the social, economic and environmental sustainability of communities and having a positive impact on the world around us. We aim to help communities get affordable, reliable and clean energy.

About us | Adlår warmtepompen warmtepomp


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