The Aurora II keeps your house nice and cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Now temporarily free basic installations (worth € 1,299) until June, ’24 More information

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We still have plenty of heat pumps in stock for Q2 2023, however the enthusiasm is incredibly high. So pre-order your heat pump soon to ensure you have one this year.

The queue for installations is also rapidly increasing. Want your heat pump installed this summer? You can but be quick. Would you rather install it yourself or have it installed by an installer in your area?

Total amount including subsidy: from €3,799
(excl. subsidy: from €6,499)

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Order a heat pump online via pre-order. We will contact you to complete your order.

We will conduct a full onsite heat loss and efficiency review of your property to clearly understanding your costs and savings.

Our technicians will install and commission the system to Adlår's high standards.

Aurora II Pre-order agreement

1. Aurora heat pump reservation

Thank you for booking an Aurora heat pump. By placing your pre-order, you have obtained the estimated priority within your region for receiving your Aurora heat pump.

2. Effective Date

Your pre-order will take effect after (1) you have placed your pre-order and (2) we have received your payment.

3. Ordering process

While this pre-order guarantees estimated delivery priority within your region, it does not hold the purchase or order of a heat pump. When the start of production for your reservation approaches, we will contact you and ask you to provide information about your home to prepare for the installation of your Aurora heat pump. Adlar will then create an official order for your heat pump and you will receive a purchase agreement detailing the purchase price of the heat pump including all selected accessories and services, plus estimates of any applicable taxes, import duties, transport and delivery charges and any other applicable fees. If you choose to proceed with the order, we will deduct the amount of your pre-order from your order payment. Until you enter into a Purchase Agreement, your pre-order may be cancelled at any time, in which case you will receive a full refund of your pre-order.

4. Gratuities; Non-transferable

You are aware that we will not hold your pre-order separately or in an escrow or trust fund, nor pay any interest on your pre-order. Your pre-order is not transferable or assignable to any other party without Adlar’s prior written consent.

5. Your data

We may ask you for information from time to time so that we can fulfil our obligations under these terms and conditions. We hold your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy, which can be found at

6. Obligations

You are aware that this pre-order does not impose any obligation on us to sell and/or supply goods, services or otherwise to you. Until you have entered into the Purchase Agreement for the purchase of an Aurora heat pump, we reserve the right to cancel your pre-order at any time and for any reason (and without giving any reason), such as, but not limited to, an embargo, warfare, political instability or failure to reach a critical number of reservations in a particular area. After cancelling the pre-order, we will refund the amount.


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