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Hybrid heat pump

Hybrid heat pump | Adlår warmtepompen warmtepomp

A hybrid heat pump works together with your central heating boiler and uses electricity instead of gas. This makes it a sustainable solution, reducing your use of natural gas by up to 60%!

How does a hybrid heat pump work?

The hybrid heat pump gets its energy from the outside air using an outdoor unit. This outdoor unit is in turn connected to your indoor unit using a number of pipes filled with liquid. The outdoor unit extracts heat from the air outside and then, via the indoor unit, heats the water flowing through your central heating pipes. Good to know, though, is that the hybrid heat pump works in conjunction with your central heating boiler. When it is colder than 7 degrees outside, your boiler goes back to work. So this means that during the colder months, you do depend on your central heating boiler and therefore have to use natural gas.

All the answers to your questions

Before buying and having a hybrid heat pump installed, it is a good idea to read some additional information about this product. We have listed some questions for you and you can read all the answers below.

If you want to buy a hybrid heat pump, there are several costs to consider. Read all about the costs here!

A heat pump makes noise and there are regulations attached to this. Read on to get all the answers on how much noise a hybrid heat pump makes.

Want to know what your efficiency will be? Read on to know how to calculate it, what the average consumption is and when you use the most energy.

Whether you install your hybrid heat pump yourself or have it installed, there are some conditions you need to meet to get a subsidy. You can read about it here!

Depending on which heat pump you choose, it is possible to get a subsidy. Read on to find out how much subsidy you get on our heat pump!

Buying a hybrid heat pump may be a big investment for you, and we understand that you may therefore have doubts.