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From handy Harry to laid-back Onno: how to install your heat pump?

From handy Harry to laid-back Onno: how to install your heat pump? | Adlår warmtepompen warmtepomp

You’ve made the choice: you want to contribute to a greener future and so the heat pump is coming anyway! The only question that remains to be answered is whether you will install it yourself or have it installed. There is something to be said for both options, which is why Castra takes you through the pros and cons of installing your heat pump yourself or having it installed. Read on and find your answer!

Install your own heat pump or not?

How to install a heat pump yourself depends on the one you end up choosing. Often, when you order a heat pump, you will be provided with a manual on how to install it. A tip is to include a good and clear manual as a factor in your decision, so you can be 100% sure you can set up the heat pump yourself. In doing so, some manufacturers also offer a customer service team that can help you with installation.

There are a number of snags in installing your heat pump yourself, but following the law, you are welcome to install it yourself. However, if you want to qualify for a subsidy, your heat pump must be installed by a recognised installation company. If you do this yourself and you are not an installer at a recognised company, you will not get a subsidy!

Finally, the advice is never to make any modifications to the heat pump or parts yourself. Whichever pump you choose: every part has its function! Omitting parts results in your own creations and can be risky. Therefore, always follow the supplied manual to the letter.

From handy Harry to laid-back Onno: how to install your heat pump? | Adlår warmtepompen warmtepomp
From handy Harry to laid-back Onno: how to install your heat pump? | Adlår warmtepompen warmtepomp

Get your heat pump installed by an approved company

Installing a hybrid heat pump requires expertise, which is why we always recommend always having your heat pump installed by a specialist from an accredited company!

Benefits of having a heat pump installed
  • It offers peace of mind because you are 100% sure that the heat pump has been professionally installed.
  • Questions can be answered immediately as knowledge and experience of the installer is literally in house.
  • You keep the manufacturer’s warranty of your heat pump.
  • You get money back! You can now get subsidy back because you had your heat pump installed by an approved construction company.
Disadvantages of having a heat pump installed
  • You have an extra expense because you have to pay extra to have your heat pump installed.
  • You may have to wait a while i.e. the demand for heat pumps is very high, so installers are very busy.

What chores can I do myself in preparation for installing a heat pump?

Good preparation is half the battle. Before the installer arrives, it is important to have already defined the place where you want the heat pump. This is often agreed during the preliminary project, but if this is not the case, make sure you are 100% sure you know where you want the heat pump. It is also important that everything is tidy, so that the installer can start work immediately. Make sure that the place where the heat pump will be installed is clear and that the boiler is easily accessible for the installation of your hybrid heat pump.

So what is the cost of a heat pump including installation?

In the table you will find the price of a heat pump including installation. On average, a heat pump installation costs between €1,000 and €3,000 which depends on what kind of heat pump you end up choosing.

Want more information on the other costs involved in a heat pump? Then read our article on all the costs of a heat pump

Type of heat pump Amount incl. installation
Hybrid heat pump (excl. boiler) €6,500 to €12,000
Air-water heat pump €9,000 to €15,000
Water-water heat pump €12,000 to €18,000
Ground-water heat pump €14,000 to €22,500

The Aurora II incl. installation of Adlår Castra

Installation at Adlår Castra is free* in many situations with the purchase of the Aurora II. Obviously, there may be various situations in which there is a deviation from the free installation. For example, if you want the heat pump to be installed at height, extra costs will be charged for renting an aerial platform, enrichment unit or scaffolding. There are complex installation situations to consider, so additional work may be applicable. Incidentally, it does not matter how many kW you need. This is because the capacity of the Aurora II has no influence on how the hybrid heat pump should be installed. The table shows an overview of the prices of the Aurora II.

Power Amount incl. subsidy Amount excl. subsidy
Aurora II 6 kWh €3.799,- €6.499,-
Aurora II 10 kWh €5.699,- €8.999,-
Aurora II 14 kWh €6.249,- €9.999,-

Do you have everything in place? Then always have your heat pump installed by a professional. Would you like expert advice first? Then choose one of the specialists from Adlår Castra. Get in touch via the forms we will contact you ASAP!

*Free installation does depend on how easy the installation is going to be. It is possible that additional costs for installation will be discussed at the time of the inspection, though.