The Aurora II keeps your house nice and cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Now temporarily free basic installations (worth € 1,299) until June, ’24 More information

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Savings & Costs

1.  Quick Savings & Cost Questionnaire 

By answering our quick survey we can give you an overview of your eligibility and savings of a heat pump in your home under different circumstances. We can also guide you through the questions over the phone if needed.

2. MCS Site Survey

To be eligible for the MCS BUS £5,000 grant, we need to conduct a detailed heat loss survey of your home to properly evaluate your needs and more accurately calculate your savings. This is done by one of Adlår’s specialists. 

3. Quote and pre-installation work

Once the quote is approved, personalised production is started for you,  so that we can optimally prepare and execute the installation.

4. Installation

When you have the installation carried out by the Adlår Installation Team, a date will be agreed with you when the heat pump can be installed. Our expert installation team is specially trained and knows everything about Adlår heat pumps, so it can be installed within 2 days.

5. Start saving immediately

A heat pump from Adlår delivers instant efficiency from day one. So you start saving substantially right away.

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Any questions? We are happy to help and you will get advice from the heat pump specialist.

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