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What is the best heat pump (2022)?

What is the best heat pump (2022)? | Adlår warmtepompen warmtepomp

You want to make your home more sustainable so that you create a healthy and pleasant climate in your home. A sustainable home is totally contemporary, is good for the environment and also lasts longer. Of course, by making your home more sustainable you also reduce your living costs, which are also stable because you are less dependent on external energy suppliers. So start making your home more sustainable by buying a heat pump.

The best heat pump for you is one that heats your home in winter while reducing your gas consumption by up to 80%. In summer, the best heat pump can also keep your home cool. The ideal heat pump won’t cause you any noise pollution, but of course it has whisper-quiet technology.

Besides, you get the most out of a heat pump that is readily available and quickly installed, and that is Adlår’s heat pump! As a result, you can very quickly enjoy pleasant warmth in a cold winter and a cooled space in a hot summer.

Our heat pump specialists have years of experience in installing, maintaining and repairing heat pumps. With all this knowledge, we designed the Aurora I & Aurora II. A monoblock heat pump designed specifically for the consumer market. That means it has to meet all our requirements: energy-efficient, quiet, a nice design, reliable.


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